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T H E   B L A C K   S I S T E R S

Bellatrix: A woman with thick, shining dark hair, long eyelashes and heavily hooded eyes… was sitting in the chained chair as though it were a throne.
Andromeda:  As she moved forward into the room, her resemblance to her sister Bellatrix became much less pronounced: Her hair was a light, soft brown and her eyes were much wider, and kinder.
Narcissa: She was so pale that she seemed to shine in the darkness; the long blonde hair streaming down her back gave her the look of a drowned person.

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so professor trelawney was married to gilderoy lockhart until he cheated on her with bellatrix lestrange

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Alice in Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland

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When in doubt, always ask yourself,

what would Helena Bonham Carter do?

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My favourite villains - Bellatrix Lestrange (2/?)